The flag shop in Åkersberga

Welcome to one of the largest flag producer in Sweden. We can handle all your needs concerning the flag in all its forms.

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Textile printing & sewing studio
The width of the flag of our catalog is large and is there anything you miss, just contact us and we will create a new solution. We manufacture: corporate, facade and national flags, ad banners, banner system, pennants, table banners, table flags, logo banners, boat flags, boat pennant, flag and pennant game. Everything in Sweden where we also have a shop adjacent to the factory and webshop.







The high quality of textiles, pressure / stitching and effort, our products are of the highest class. In addition to the production of flags and other items sold and we also supply flagpoles in the highest quality and perform service and installation of your flagpole in Sweden.

Some examples of our areas of expertise: